“Introducing Kinesit, Arper’s first office chair that continues the company’s line of research into Soft Tech. Looking at technology from a holistic perspective: what is the object for? As well as: who is the object for? Representing the search for Technology that fuses seamlessly with the object so that all we are left with is the experience. Soft Tech leads to an end result , it’s not the end result. Kinesit is an office chair that simply looks like a chair, without any visible mechanism, yet it is one hundred percent compliant with all regulatory requirements. Light and minimalist in its design, the chair seat and back are fully adjustable allowing it to conform to individual body types for optimal comfort, even while carrying out more time consuming projects.”

© Scheltens Abbenes
© Scheltens & Abbenes

Product design: Lievore Altherr Molina
Project manager: Alberto Lievore
Art direction: Lievore Altherr Molina
Project manager: Jeannette Altherr

Graphic design: 2x4
Photography: Marco Covi,
Scheltens & Abbenes, Constantin Meyer
Video: Bungalow


— 2015 iF Gold Award, Germany
— 2015 Azure Magazine AZ Awards, Canada
— 2014 Innovationspreis Architektur + Office in the category "Produkte von hoher architektonischer Qualität", Germany