“ What is an object that meets the material, functional, methodological, consumption or production characteristics needed in order to cease the destruction of the environment, or even initiate processes to restore it?” If clima crisis is caused by overconsumption, we have to produce and buy less, but experience more. If ignorance is the main obstacle for change, we have to learn better. Maybe design has to evolve into a broader idea: object + relation + integration.

A garden is a designed natural space. It is a life circle in small scale, and it is restaurative by definition: for the environment, and for the people who use it. The garden is represented by a journal written since 7 years in which Jeannette documents how gardening shaped her relation to the environment. To take care of a garden is a process that leads us to all kind of learnings: about plants, water, soil, plagues, animals, clima - which then brings us to cuestions of ethics, politics, food, energy. In consequence, also our idea about aesthetics changes: “At the end, what you learn is that we are all part of the same system. Everything is connected. Most of all: to love your space make you wish to protect it. “

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