“Initally created to liven up Arper's showrooms, the objects became a little collection with its own specially designed packaging. Song is a freestanding or wall-mounted coat hanger shaped like musical notes that twist and turn to create diverse, dynamic compositions. It serves well as an object of visual play and geometry. Wing, a wall-mounted coat hanger, animates a wall with the flow and movement of its gently striated arms that twist and turn to create sculptural like composition.
Cuscini are pillows that add comfort and expression to the landscape of Arper collections, integrating color, pattern, texture, and drawing to the field. Graphic themes explore a range of expression between geometric and organic, abstract and figurative.
Triangular in form and modular in nature, Ply is a system of low tables and stools rendered in fluid lines of wood. Alone or in groups, Ply’s playful geometry of surfaces is like the game of Tangram, shape and color work together to create open compositions.
The essence of Family is a variation on a visual theme that links its members together; it means unity within diversity.
Crafted in different combinations of three types of wood, each member of our family can be an individual, a pair, a trio, or a big family of nine or more."

© Scheltens Abbenes

Product design: Lievore Altherr Molina
Project manager: Jeannette Altherr, Alberto Lievore
Creative Direction + Art direction: Lievore Altherr Molina
Project manager: Jeannette Altherr

Packaging and broschure: Emeyele
Photography: Salva López, Marco Covi,
Scheltens & Abbenes, Wai Lin Tse,
Adrià Cañameras