Smooth like a pebble, soft as mounded moss. With low rounded curves, Adell evokes a precious keepsake from the natural world—whether in use indoors or out. With a shell made from 100% post – industrial recycled polypropylene, the calming form has been designed with sustainability at its foundation. Plush yet supportive, substantial yet lightweight, Adell’s gentle slopes offer a welcoming and generous place of rest.

The plastic shell allows the full life circle - reusable, recycled and fully recyclable. It is conceived consciously as a enduring design and a precious material, like something that you want to keep and cherish. The aesthetic of glossy, colorful, translucent plastic—so characteristic of the golden age of plastic—subconsciously confers fast consumption. We wanted to transform these connotations into something precious – recalling the chromatic and tactile qualities created by natural processes and materials like concentric patterns of a tree trunk’s rings, or the circular lines you see in shells. The colors and texture evoke natural materials without being a representation -- accepting and celebrating the unregular, the unperfect. Scratches to the surface dissolve in the texture, acting like a patina, not wear.

Adell has been created with adaptability in mind. Designed for use in spaces of repose, Adell can be customized to suit myriad contexts, from lounge areas to waiting rooms, educational common areas, hospitality spaces or residential settings. The configuration options and timeless design extend the use cases of the Adell, creating an enduring product with a long lifespan to reduce the amount of waste in our environment.

Product Design: Lievore + Altherr Désile Park
Project Manager: Alberto Lievore
Art direction: Jeannette Altherr
Photography: Salva Lopez, Frederick Vercruysse
Styling: Leandro Favaloro
Graphic design: Clase BCN


— 2020 Archiproduct award
— 2020 NeoCon Metropolis Likes Award
— 2020 Architizer Award
— 2020 Design Anual Gold Award
— 2020 Metropolis Magazine Metropolis Likes, USA
— 2020 Archiproducts Winner
— 2021 Iconic Awards Best of the Best in the Innovative Interiors category
— 2021 Architizer A+ Award
— 2021 Finalist Mixology Awards
— 2021 Finalist for the AZ Award
— 2021 ADI Design Index