Design: Altherr Désile Park

Inspired in America’s midwest farm landscape, Baraga is a contemporary expression of the tractor typology by virtue of its gentle curves and generous seat formed in plywood and recycled PET felt. Plywood is characterized by rich woodgrain in oak and walnut, while the felt offers a warmer and more colorful experience, and can be color keyed with the metal base. Made from post-consumer waste products (plastic bottles) PET Felt has a very low energy manufacturing process, no VOCs or formaldehyde binders, and will not degrade, crumble or rot. At the end of its long useful life it is once again fully recyclable.

Playful, soft, and colorful in felt, or very rich in wood grains, the stool can be interpreted to suit many environments from the rustic and casual to the very sleek and corporate.


Product Design: Altherr Désile Park
Project Manager: Dennis Park
Art Direction: Altherr Désile Park
Project Manager: Jeannette Altherr
Photos: Dean van Dis
Photos Process: Alma Guëll, Jeannette Altherr