As in previous years, ADP took care of the Creative Direction of Arper's 2022 communication and Milano 2022 booth. The Project of Living explores how do we want to live: more seamlessly. More flexibly. More sustainable. More inspired.

“The boundaries between home and work are gone. Now ‘living’ means all the different things we do in a day. Everything’s in flux, so anything is possible.”

For 2022, we revolved around the juxtaposing ideas of transitions and fluidity on one hand, and materiality and colors on the other.



For the architecture, Maio architects designed a sculptural cloud of white translucent fabric that stood out from the rest of the constructions, creating an airy and optimistic feel of lightness, fluidity, freshness and summer. The concept is as beautiful as it is sustainable: done in one single pure material - recycled PET bottles transformed into fabric - with much less material weight than built walls. The fabric also needs no paint and can be reused again in other spaces such as showrooms or installations.

Evocative scenes speak to our emotions, optimistic and joyful, leaving space for imagination through a less realistic set and styling as the past years. Groups of collections work together - often around one author - each of them represented by a specific color range, which was applied on a still life of furniture and selected objects, and further extended on a translucent gradient print that acted as transition between the solid materiality of the pieces and the soft immateriality of the white fabrics.

Creative Direction: Altherr Desile Park
Art Direction of imagery, booth scenes and gradients: Altherr Desile Park

Styling: Leandro Favaloro
News Photography: Salva Lopez
Booth Photography: José Hevia, Giulio Ghirardi
Graphic design of the catalogues and the environmental graphics: ClaseBCN