Design: Altherr Desile Park

When surface is more than a material. Essential volumes animated with graphic textures for a rich yet timeless appeal.

Designed with adaptability in mind, Azuco is a system of essential block volumes with a rich surface that bridges the gap between a plain material and a decorative one.

The collection can be combined with a narrow shelf for cosmetics, a deep low shelf and a container to host bigger items, and a series of backlit mirrors and mirror cabinets in transparent and fumé finish. All of them conceived to be easily adapted in size and finish to fit into all kind of built-in interior architecture solutions, both symmetrical and asymmetrical.


Extremely robust, Azuco is designed with the world’s only sintered stone that does not include any resin or oil derivatives and nor does it have any digital prints on its surface, which other materials use to imitate the effect of natural stone.

But the surface is flat and feels rather technical. Most sintered stones try to “fix” this by adding a digital print on its surface to imitate a stone or even wood. Instead of faking a natural material, we were wondering how we could enrich the surface to make it interesting and add the warmer haptic qualities of natural stone, but in an honnest way, respecting its industrial background. We used the completely solid nature of the material to enrich its surface with a texture that finds its balance between technical and natural: thin parallel lines that a subtly broken to get a slightly organic, almost fabric like relief. The surface gets animated, but discreet, animated with a graphic texture inspired in the use of lines in classic fabrics, quilts, parquets, and contemporary architecture. Then we combined this texture in different directions - horizontal, vertical and diagonal - in a grid that mirrors the modularity of the containers below its skin.


Product Design: Altherr Désile Park
Project Manager: Jeannette Altherr
Imagery: Studio Juma, Altherr Desile Park