To support a culture of open communication, the atmosphere should evoke and invoke interaction. This is our proposal, and we call it the "Form of Dialog".
A physical manifestation of an invitation to learn, to share, to talk, to build future economics, the Trust collection is a new, distinct proposal for the executive office that emphasises warmth, lightness, and charismatic ease.
Beyond elegant aesthetics, the collection conveys an powerful and collaborative attitude internally towards employees and likewise externally to the market.



Conceived as a balanced bridge between classic desk chairs and technological taskchairs, CERCLE´s open gesture adds a dynamic lightness to executive spaces. The shell is classically iconic, allowing it to be at ease in traditional offices, while the slim laminar language of the shell communicates an attitude of openess, lightness, and modernity in a way that engages the future of executive space.

Trust Collection design Lievore Altherr Park
Cercle design Lievore Altherr Park