The Table Knife Project was a collaborative project for a cause: it has brought together Florentine Kitchen Knives, from Barcelona, with 28 local design studios to create 56 unique table knives. FKK gave each one of the designers the same blank table knife blade and encouraged them to do something that would reflect their personal vision of the object, using the materials in an eco-friendly and socially responsible way.
The purpose of this initiative is to raise funds through the sale of the knives for the El Llindar Foundation, a local organization that supports disadvantaged young people, developing their skills to work in the hospitality industry.

We chose Buxus Sempervivens, a local wood from the Pyrenees traditionally used for spoons which is extremely dense, therefore naturally resilient to both water and oil while also being delicate, silky, and very pleasant to touch. The functional metal fixtures are re-conceived as an ornamental cadence of delicate dots. We also added a pepper and salt grinder to complete the project.

Sustainability = Longevity
Longevity = Durability and Connection

Pleasure is part of our studio DNA, especially when it comes to the art of cooking and eating. We wanted to underline the smooth, agile shape of the blade with a handle with a fish-like form that speaks to both the ancient magic of knives and the pleasure of a celebration.


Design: Altherr Désile Park
Photos: Altherr Désile Park, Ricard Lopez
Prototypes: Bernat Pibernat