Living in a Box

LIVING IN A BOX is a collective project that brings colleagues together through their friendly connection in a project on objects. The title is the associative description of our restricted living spaces during the Corona Pandemic and at the same time the BOX also stands for so many other things, which is why it became the concept.

25 international designers and artists were called for contributing to Living in a Box – Collection of Artefacts. The object’s limit is 10/10/10 cm – the size of a little cardboard box.

But what all the boxes have in common is that they contain things that comment or raise questions about our (thing) world of today, with respect for the past and with an eye on tomorrow.

“A box can be a symbol of both limit and protection - so why do we think of limit first? And why does the concept of limit has such negative connotations?

Our western culture lives obsessed with the dream of improvement, a paradigm that is directly linked to the development of liberal capitalism and its objective of accumulation and growth. At the same time, we are overwhelmed by the ultimate limit: as individuals, that of our own finiteness; as a collective, that of the destruction of the planet and the living beings that inhabit it.

How and why have we come to think of limits as we do? Do we need limits? And if so, of what kind?
How can we feel good within self -imposed limits?
Could limitation become a new beginning?

We think we need an new ethic and aesthetic that chooses limits celebrating balance and respect. That’s why we want to think about limits from another perspective: not another object but a treasure box of thoughts for a different narrative.”

Jeannette Altherr & Laura Santarelli

Concept and text collection:
Jeannette Altherr

Visual Concept and Graphic design:
Laura Santarelli