We work in the same place we sleep. We relax in the same place we cook. Depending on our stage of life and living situation, our individual needs change – and the requirements we ask of our furnishings change with them. With Mya, Altherr Désile Park has created a collection that accompanies these changes. Mya is a sensuous experience. The surfaces alternate between cold
and warm, soft and hard, smooth and textured, rounded and angular. Mya exudes warmth: the materials – wood, leather and metal in subtly matched colours – have been selected to fit in confidently with their surroundings without stealing the show. The purist design and well thought-through elements make for a versatile and adaptable collection that’s suitable for a wide range of uses.

The new collection brings past and present together by translating traditional forms into a modern language by reducing familiar furnishing elements to their essentials.

Product Design: Lievore + Altherr Désile Park
Project Manager: Jeannette Altherr, Delphine Désile
Stand IMM 18: Altherr Désile Park
Project manager: Jeannette Altherr, Delphine Désile
Creative and art direction: Altherr Désile Park
Photography: Salva López, Constantin Mayer
Styling: Leandro Favaloro
Graphic design: Laura Armet


— 2019 German Design Award
— 2018 Finalist Delta Awards
— 2017 Intramuros Design Awards