Creative Direction of communication and Milano fair booth:
Lievore Altherr Molina
Project manager: Jeannette Altherr

Showroom Milano: Lievore Altherr Molina
Project manager: Jeannette Altherr, Delphine Désile

Product design Meety, Wit, Yop: Lievore Altherr Molina
Project manager: Alberto Lievore

New editions for: Catifa 46, Catifa 53,
Catifa Sensit, Parentesit: Lievore Altherr Molina
Project manager: Jeannette Altherr

In collaboration with
Architecture: 2x4 Madrid
Styling: Studio Bakker
Graphic design: Clase Bcn, Wax, Emeyele
Photography: Dominik Tarabanski,
Scheltens & Abbenes, Marco Covi, Salva López




Arper celebrates the enduring potential of the Catifa family taking the bicolor customizations to a new level of contrast and curation. Originally designed in 2004 for contract and big space use, Catifa 46 retains the same slim profile, but, new for 2016, will be available in an updated range of a soft yet complex palette: rosé, petrol, yellow, ivory and smoke. Any combination of these refreshed colors can be paired or contrasted with customizable seat pad, or interpreted as a monochrome statement. Selections can be further amplified or muted by fabric texture and shell finish options.




The original series that started it all, Catifa 53, is reimagined for 2016 with a matte plastic or leather finish, lending sophistication and modern character to the quintessential form. Reimagined as a refined and sensual silhouette, Catifa 53 finds warmth in its new materiality. Shade selections of white, ivory, gold, sand, caramel, café, antrazit or black lend natural elegance to matte plastic. The new finish option of durable, natural tanned leather telecasts easy sophistication. These new finishes can be further intensified by a loose seat cushion compatible with all models. In variable fabric finishes, the optional cushion creates a rich interplay of textures, colors and materials to bring tactile pleasure to any environment.



Material Suggestion

The older brother of C53, Catifa Sensit is a supportive frame for at work or home. Sensit confers solid comfort and elegant presence while providing all the functionality of a task chair. Armrests and a flat trestle base contribute to its expression of strength, stability and graphic form, while its curved lines show a softer silhouette. In colors and textures that broadcast cultivated style, the material specifications create dynamic design options for home or contract use. The added functionality of a higher reclining backrest liberates Sensit from the boardroom and invites the supportive chair into the lounge for extended seating contexts.



The Meety system is widely customizable, with tabletop shape options and in a range of materials from wood to laminated MDF to glass.
The trapezoid tabletop shape was created to respond to the collaborative work environment. A dual-function table, seating at the longer end creates a wider shape so you can better view those around the table. Seated on the shorter end, conversation becomes closer.
The round, square and rectangular shapes were envisioned for use in commercial or contract group seating environments, while the soft and fluid soap shape has a singular presence and appeal. These myriad options allow for ultimate customization in for the end user, making Meety not only a complement to Arper’s collection of seating, but also to endless environments and contexts.



New for 2016, Arper extends the functionality of the Parentesit range to include wall models with integrated technology and freestanding models. Architectural in scale, Parentesit Freestanding carves out a three-dimensional space for concentration and privacy in shared workspaces. Parentesit Wall Panel is newly updated with a light and sound system controllable via Bluetooth app for enhanced environmental control.

Designed by Lievore Altherr Molina, Parentesit was created with a dual inspiration of minimalist art and classic Japanese interiors. To shift this approach to an architectural scale, Parentesit Freestanding has become a screen, capable of dividing a room in half, or partitioning off a space for quiet, independent thought. Modular by design, each screen can be combined to realize new spatial compositions that reinforce or distinguish it from its architectural environment. The newly added technology available in Parentesit Wall Panel allows for the Parentesit range to increase the possibilities of a customizable environment while still retaining a visual signature across uses.



Not like a sibling, but more like a partner, Wit joins Arper as a collection of tables designed to complete the sentence of Arper’s seating options. Elegant design and durable materials like aluminum, high-pressure laminate and wood create a sturdy construction of an adaptable form available in round, squared, or rectangular shapes of varying sizes. A sleek aluminum cross base supports the integrity of the silhouette for a maximum gesture of sophistication with a minimum use of material––a form that can be repeated for contexts like social settings, restaurants or bars, or isolated for use at home where a union of function and beauty are paramount.



Yop was created to meet the evolving demands of work and home environments––a surface when needed, discreetly stowable when not. Designed with an integrated flipping mechanism that controls the surface incline for ease of motion, its essential form is visually and functionally lightweight––easy to move, and easy to store. Myriad finish options from high-pressure laminate (HPL) to wood (without incline) extend Yop’s visual vocabulary making it well suited for diverse design applications and styles. This highly adaptable table is at the ready for any activity––be it impromptu, planned, or somewhere in between.


— 2017 Finalist in “Casegoods + Furniture” category of HD Awards
— 2016 Meety Architectural Record Product Award