Two years after we designed Zoe, as response to multiple requests from users, Zoe evolved into Noe, the modular version of the self- bearing polyurethane, and then 2010 came Joe: a modular sofa system with the same relaxed feel like Zoe, but a classic seating comfort and different backhights that allow endless modular compositions.



The Nilson system from the sofas to the armchairs, distinguished by absolute comfort, generous and harmonics lines inspired by the seats of the exclusive British clubs. Nilson system easily moves from the domestic environment to the office with extreme ease. Wide variety of fabrics and colors, or the timeless leather to make it almost a unique piece, to connote a living as well as an elegant managerial context.



The ZANTE coffee tables are adjustable in height, designed by Lievore Altherr Molina, and made of white oil or black oil like the Etan bookcase. They seem to have been lend from a painter’s studio, perhaps because of the simple and practical mechanism to raise and lower them that reminds the easel; but also for the particularity that characterizes the top, a wooden border that remind the frame of a canvas.

Product Design Zoe Noe and Joe: Lievore Altherr Molina

Product Design Nilson and Zante: Lievore Altherr
Project Manager: Alberto Lievore