A Space for Focus

Parentesit offers confort for contemporary shared spaces. A private space when you need it for collaboration or independent thinking, Parentesit is an acoustic Wall modeule that reduces extraneous background noise and creates a space for concentration. The bold, graphic forms are available in three shapes —a circle, a square or an oval— that speak to diverse environments and can be further customized with the addition of a speaker or ambient light. These geometric forms can stand alone or be paired together for greater impact. The signature and elemental shapes of Parentesit complement Arper’s clean, minimal language to créate a visual element that is as functional as it is modern.

© Sheltens Abbenes

Product design: Lievore Altherr Molina
Project manager: Jeannette Altherr,
Dennis Park

Art direction: Lievore Altherr Molina
Project manager: Jeannette Altherr

Photography: Marco Covi,
Sheltens Abbenes, Constantin Meyer


— 2017 HD Award in the “Accessories” category, USA
— 2016 World Interior News (WIN) Award in the furniture category, UK
— 2016 Best of Year Award for Wall Panel, USA- Light and Sound
— 2016 Architectural Record Product Award, USA for Parentesit Freestanding
— 2016 Interior Design Magazine’s HiP Honoree Award, USA for Parentesit Freestanding
— 2016 Metropolis Magazine Metropolis Likes, USA
— 2015 Iconic Awards – organized by German Design Council