Saba + Caba

Design: Altherr Désile Park

Saba and Caba are two independant collections. Together they combine a timeless shape of radical simplicity with utility blended into even small space architecture, allowing a column washbasin to be used without sacrificing practicality nor beauty.



Saba is a column washbasin with a timeless feel - and a statement of radical simplicity. Its archetypal shape underlined by tactile materials enable Saba to be a strong yet contained counterpart to architecture, designed to fit equally well into both classic and contemporary spaces.

The natural materials are an important aspect in this collection. New to the Noorth universe, clay finishes in earthy tones and a polished concrete with tactile sensuality that reminds ceramics complement naturally inspired interior and also exterior spaces.



Caba is utility that blends into refined architecture.

Caba is a program of containers conceived for small spaces whose slim depth makes them feel more like a wall paneling than storage. It’s conceived for small spaces that allows Noorth‘s different column washbasins to be used without sacrificing practicality nor beauty.

The containers offer unexpectedly substantial storage in a very reduced depth, fusing containers into refined wall paneling as opposed to typically utilitarian boxes. All containers can be finished in oak, walnut and laquer, upper parts also as mirror cabinets; they can also be customized in size and finish.


Design: Altherr Désile Park
Imagery: Studio Juma for Noorth, Altherr Désile Park