“Saya is the result of the search for a design inspired by the home, by feelings of warmth and life. Wood seemed the best material with which to express this evocation and we chose laminate because it symbolizes a constructive synthesis, a continuous, lightweight surface. When it came to defining the shape, we took a highly expressive, graphic chair back as a departure point, which ended up resembling a hug. We cut out miniature paper models, we played with them and we discovered different possibilities revealed with each fold. The Saya silhouette takes on the character of an animal – with four legs and a curved neck – which we feel has a soul, like a living being. Saya is moving and emotive, light and defined, sensual and soft.
Once the structure had been defined, we investigated colors we could combine to extend the possibilities for the wood. We selected finishes in natural veneer and three tones of red. Veneered, or colored, Saya can be used alone or in a group. Alone it is unique. In a group, it creates a lively rhythm and pattern.”

© Scheltens & Abbenes


— 2013 Red dot design award: best of the best Product Design Award, Germany
— 2013 ADI Design Index, Italy
— 2014 Interior Innovation Award, Germany

Product design: Lievore Altherr Molina
Project manager: Alberto Lievore
Art direction: Lievore Altherr Molina
Project manager: Jeannette Altherr

Graphic design: Emeyele
Photography: Scheltens & Abbenes,
Marco Covi, Adrià Cañameras,
Wai Lin Tse