Design: Altherr Désile Park

Siwa emerged from the observation of the multifunctionality of the sofa - a place of life in which people relax, take a short siesta, be alone or together, have a conversation or a video call, watch a film together, or watch different films on different tablets, listen to music or an exciting podcast, read, buy something, eat, play with cat or kid, or the Playstation.

Siwa is versatile – it offers a sofa, lounger island and chaise longue all in one, it fits into both formal and informal contexts and has protective and open elements. Its organic shape speaks to the Zeitgeist:  “Life is messy” - fluid, organic, it’s constantly changing. The shape is based on people’s lives, not on the straight right angles of architecture. It creates a “room within a room”. Organic but formally capable of dialogue, it remains at the same time elegant and natural.


Design: Altherr Désile Park
Project Manager: Delphine Désile
Imagery: COR, Altherr Désile Park